Full Schedule

Friday September 7th 7pm – 3am

7pm MEET AND GREET at the bar. Come early and meet some of the locals as well as out of towners.
Use this time to break the ice over a nice cocktail or other beverage of your choice.

Friday night milonga 8pm – 3am

DJ – Veronika Kruta

As a DJ Veronika is known for her lively approach and acute sensitivity to the energy and flow on the dance floor, which has led to numerous comments along the lines of “You’re killing me! I want to dance every tanda!”

She has been invited to DJ at milongas, festivals and marathons across the US, Canada, Europe and Argentina. In addition to DJing Veronika also has 14 years experience in dancing tango, 11 of those organizing milongas and festivals, and 8 years teaching. For the last 3 years Veronika has been dividing her time between living and studying in Buenos Aires and traveling to share her love of this dance.

Saturday Sept 8th 1pm – 6pm

1pm POTLUCK BRUNCH – Come meet the locals as well as the out of towners for this yearly event that has become hugely popular as a way to get to know the participants over a lovely brunch. (Please bring something to contribute.)


Saturday afternoon milonga 2 – 6pm

DJ – Angeles DJ “Morrigan”


Angeles Chanaha has been DJing tango music since 2000. She studied in Buenos Aires since 1997  with traditional DJs such as Felix Picherna (Sunderland), Horacio Godoy (Club Almagro, La Viruta) and Mario Orlando (Nino Bien). After she moved to NYC in 2003 she DJ for most milongas in the city such as Belle Epoque, Il Campanello, La Nacional, Milonga Rosa, All Night Milonga, and about 2006 -when she opened milonga Fernet in NJ- she started adding more alternative, nuevo and experimental tunes to her collection.

4pm Bowling League Register HERE. It is a free event and the number of contestants are limited.

Saturday Sept 8th 9pm – 3am

Live music from El Cachivache

Click here for some links to their performances
Presidential inauguration
Studio recording


PLUS… DJ’s Alberto, Adam and Micaela will provide the music in between sets from
pm – 3am

Sunday September 9th 2pm – 6pm

Milonga 2pm – 6pm

DJ – Chewie


Koichiro Suzuki has a Master’s Degree in Performance Music at Duquesne University and performed with the internationally renowned River City Brass Band past 10 years.  Koichiro incorporates his complex music background and deep understanding of musicality into his DJing. Koichiro DJs regularly at milongas in Pittsburgh, and has DJed in other cities in the United States and Canada for Festivals and Marathons. Additionally, Koichiro was invited to DJ in Buenos Aires at Milonga Tango Club, Club Fulgor, Villa Crespo in 2015 and Tango en Huracan, Club Atletico Milonguero, Parque Patricios in 2014.

Sunday Sept 9th 9pm – 2am

Closing milonga

DJ – Kristian Velazquez


K​ristian Velazquez: Tango dancer, instructor, Dj, choreographer, and organizer has been dedicated to explore the world of Tango in a professional way since the year 2006. His curiosity and love for Tango started at a very young age, while his grandparents listened to tango tunes in the radio and watching his cousins dance at theater plays. Coming from a family with many artist and aficionados to arts he soon engaged himself in theater and afterwards into dancing.

As a dancer, he was semi-finalist in the Salon category of the “Tango World Championship and Festival of the City of Buenos Aires” in the year 2011. He also won first and second place in competitions of the city of Montevideo that same year.

As a Dj he’s been invited to several festivals and Marathon’s in the US and Uruguay. He’s know for a very nice mix of traditional music with outstanding mixes of alternative and great cortina’s that go along with the moods of the dancers.

Register here : CTBM







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