9th Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon

Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon 2020
July 24 – 26 2020

Located at MAHALL’S 20 Lanes
13200 Madison Ave
Lakewood, Ohio 44107

We don’t have all the details finalized yet but we do know…


Coming SOON!!!!

Potluck brunch Saturday 1pm
Bowling League Saturday 4pm
Pool Party Sunday 4pm


Registration will open soon.

The Vision

As a  dancer, organizer, human, I’ve never liked the idea of exclusivity. Especially in art.
A group of people who believe they are superior than others and therefore exclude certain other people whom they don’t believe merit being a part of an event or group.
Yet this group will make exceptions for specific people, friends, relatives, etc… even if they aren’t as “good” as they should be.

Now I get it. I realize that if someone reaches out to you privately and says, “We think you are good enough to be a part of our group” it makes one feel that they are accepted. That they are worthy. But worthy of what?

The idea behind an open marathon, a marathon for all, is to come as you are.
Come and be who you are.
Come enjoy being who you are with others.

Why at a Bowling Alley? –

It isn’t because I love bowling. It has more to do with promoting the social aspect of tango. Taking the pressure off those awkward moments when you  are sitting there waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to ask you to dance or to work up the courage to ask another.
They are lots of ways to meet people and break the ice before dancing so it makes it more comfortable for everyone.
Most people dance with those with whom they are friend. It makes it easier to make mistakes and have fun. I still get nervous dancing with people I’ve never met and have always found it awkward at first.
I LOVE dancing with friends.

How did it begin? –

The Cleveland Tango Bowling Marathon began in 2011 when I was visiting Cleveland to visit my sister who was pregnant for the first time.
I had not been home for 3 years and it was very sentimental to return after a long absence.
When I was home I had the opportunity to visit Mahalls 20 Lanes which had recently been purchased by some friends of mine.
Mahalls has been in our community since the 20’s and I am glad that they bought it and kept it going with just a few updates.

When I walked in I could see the event taking place. I could see the dancers and the drinkers and the vibe of an amazing tango marathon unlike any other ever produced in the US.

Moving forward –

We are now approaching out 9th year and I know this year will be better than ever.

The Cleveland Tango community has been growing by leaps and bounds the past few years. Since the arrival of Micaela Barrett and Alberto Ramos a new energy has be unleashed.
New dancers are sprouting up and the community is coming together like never before in support of the this new energy.

Join our Facebook group here


We will be doing our best to find local housing and shared housing arrangements.
Click here for the link to the FB page that can assist you in meeting others who are also searching for shared accommodations.




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